Something To Think About

The problem with crack cocaine and cocaine isn't so much that there are people who use it. There are harm reduction programs that can help people get off of their dependency.

The problem is that most people who use it consider themselves to be a part of a very large clique of people who've used crack cocaine in their life and that group of people are often cruel to the people who haven't used and don't want to use it. In fact, many of these people are such goofs that they attempt to turn people who haven't used it into their garbage bags. 

You know, by using it near other people and in their view. By buying or selling it in a transaction while an uninvolved party sees it happening. As if by doing so, the other person becomes responsible for those habits of other people. Kind of like transference and criminal substitution. If most people who get burdened in that way never figure out that they're being used in that way, it seems as if it remains a protected secret for a very long time. That's the incentive for most users to make other people responsible for their habits. To make others carry the weight of that secret so they can live pressure-free with regard to their substance abuse.

Another problem is that the people who import cocaine tend to be anti-Government or a part of a minimalist Government based ideology as most organized crime is. In fact, many people in on that supply chain use that power to control the people who are addicted to those substances in order to use them as their army in society. If you control the supply chain for an addictive substance, you can control the people who are dependent upon it. 

Crack dealers have been doing that to prostitutes for ages. Much the same, the people in on the supply chain use their power to control the users of the substance. There's a lot of power in that circle and a lot of corrupt people who facilitate the movement of cocaine throughout society. Having an army of people who are dependent upon that substance must be quite the power to have in society. I'd be willing to bet that if you got in the way of their goals, that you'd probably become a victim of that army, especially being an enemy of the people who control the supply chain.

Consider that harm reduction reduces that power, and is, therefore, a tool to protect Government itself, though as I stated, the Government doesn't use their supply chain over methadone to control substance users the same way that cocaine importers, couriers and dealers do. In fact, if any anti-Government groups were going to secretly overthrow the Government, I'd be willing to bet that they would fund it with the proceeds of narcotics distribution like cocaine and possibly heroin. They'd have the advantage of creating an army from their customers to protect them while they attempted such a feat, by controlling the supply chain of the people who depended upon such substances they could manipulate them in unimaginable ways.

I've never used crack cocaine or cocaine in my life, but I've had people attempt to transfer the responsibility for their habit in that way to me and to the point that it nearly destroyed my life. When you're targeted by such an attempt, often it involves many people from the community. There's currently a secret underground economy that is protecting cocaine and crack cocaine, and attempting to hide it, and discredit anyone who exposes it, including by painting them as being a user of it and using the people dependent upon it to accomplish that goal. 

I mean if you supply it, you could likely pay those dependent upon it with the substance itself or deny it if they aren't doing enough to smite informants or people who expose their underground economy. Most things of that nature would also work on a barter system for payment because it leaves no audit trail for investigators to track. 

I'd be willing to bet that organized stalking is likely run by organized crime many of whose foot soldiers are people who benefit from this supply chain of cocaine, which can be cut and refined into crack cocaine through many different stages from source to destination. Each time it is cut to increase its yield, which doubles its profits. So if it's cut four times, it is 16 times its original value. A million-dollar quantity of cocaine quickly becomes twenty million by the time it reaches the streets. That's the power to control a lot of people and to build quite an army.

One thing that's quite noticeable about it too is that most people who become dependent upon it tend to be more concerned with breaking religious law than they are about breaking civil law. I'd say there's a good indicator that some anti-Government religions are involved in its protection and likely benefit from the army of people dependent upon it. They probably mutually protect each other and would be against harm reduction because that undermines the power of the dealer over those dependent upon the substance and those who benefit from their power over the supply chain, who likely get rewarded for that with money or product.

Imagine if everyone dependent upon crack cocaine one day just stopped using it and only took methadone that they received from the Government. Can you imagine the shift in power that would happen as a result? A whole segment of the population who suddenly were in control of their own lives and getting what they needed to deal with their substance abuse issues without the people providing it controlling them or manipulating them by limiting their supply? What about all the women who ended up as prostitutes controlled by the dealers who were in charge of their supply? 

Could you imagine how many women that would save if they all stopped using crack cocaine and instead relied on methadone (or some other legal alternative) to help them get off of it?

I bet that would make a lot of cocaine distributors very angry, and help the honest members of Government and law enforcement immensely.

Something to think about.

This post is actually from a comment that I left on this YouTube video that I watched while doing some research into trying to understand some of the local issues in the recovering Regent Park community, where there seems to be evidence of what I'm alluding to.

For myself, I'm really just concerned about ensuring that any such burden of that nature isn't put onto me by others to end up on members of the cultures of the Far East of Asia, especially with the abusive cult knowing that my love interest originates from that part of the world.

Brian Joseph Johns