About My Prior Griping

This post was published on 20 February 2020 though I've pushed it back in date to allow the prior post(s) to take center stage.

Hi again. Most of you who read this know that I've prior been stalked and harassed by an abusive cult in Toronto Ontario Canada, where I live in Regent Park in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701.

First of all, I'm not a pedophile nor do I have any prior criminal record or history of violence that would result in such treatment by other members of society, or the kind of cults that stalk people (they exist regardless of what people say).

If you want to know about the progress I've made towards uncovering their methods and motives, based mostly upon speculation but also some very effective investigative techniques, please refer to my web site Strategic Counter Stalking (https://strategiccounterstalking.blogspot.com).

It was a very bad day for stalking. I'm guessing that it was partly related to the colours of the picture of the Assiniboine woman from my previous post about the Cypress Hills Massacre, which was a sincere and heartfelt post by the way, as much so as was the prior one on quantum mechanics.

I never use colours in any sort of secret way to isolate people or to create a dualistic standoff between people. I chose that picture because it was a great picture that represented the Assiniboine people at a time when records of people were in lack.

Brian Joseph Johns