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Apparently If You're Not Blue, You Don't Get Your Mail...

Wow. I've been waiting on a desperately needed Government Cheque that everyone else received on Monday and Tuesday.

During that time I've had people urging me to "go blue". I haven't gone "blue" and I haven't received my cheque and it has been a week, not to mention that everyone else received theirs.

I rely on that money and I budget myself carefully. So denying me my mail because I'm not "blue" is considered a crime in Canada.

I've been seeing more and more things happening of this nature over the years. Now its really getting out of hand.

So if I don't go blue, I don't get my mail?

What's next? If I don't become a Jehovah's Witness, I won't receive my Tax Return?

If I don't join Prince Hall, I won't be eligible for legal protection?

If I read news stories online that others in my community disagree with, I won't be entitled to my identity?

I read some potentially controversial news last week …

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